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Services sensory processing

The therapy process at SPOTS - Therapy for Children is based on Data Driven Decision-Making steps and charged at package fee, or at an hourly standard rate per session for both in-person or online / telehealth servicessensory processing 

We are not registered NDIS providers and currently do not have capacity for NDIS clients. NDIS​

For detailed description of all services, please scroll down.

Assessment Packages 

We do not guess - we assess! A comprehensive assessment indicates strengths and challenges and pinpoint underlying reasons for struggling with everyday activities. SPOTS is known for high quality assessments and reports to start the therapeutic process.


The assessment process is charged as a package with 25% deposit required to secure the appointment. Remainders to be paid per appointment. Appointments are usually  2 - 3 weeks apart for each step of the assessment process to ease budget planning.


** Full sensory integration / in-depth testing involves at least one additional assessment session charged separately at $278 per 1.5 hr session. In-depth, further testing is not frequently indicated and administered upon request only. Paid per session only when required in addition to the assessment package. Full testing of sensory integration functions requires a 3 hr comprehensive report and the additional hour will also be charged at $185 to the assessment package.

STEP 1. Gathering of information and identifying applicable assessments sensory processing

  • Initial parent contact
  • up to 20 minutes FREE

Telephone conversation to determine whether our service is a good fit for the child.

Preparing and sending parent and teacher information and documentation needed for the first contact session.

  • PRE-PRIMARY and OLDER: Intake session: Initial interview and Ayres' clinical observations
  • 1 hour 
  • Charged as part of the assessment package

Identifying the child's strengths and main participation challenges. To determine the applicable assessment route for the child using all the data from clinical observations and information gained from parent interview and questionnaires.

Detailed descriptions of services and SPOTS process:

STEP 2. Assessment Session(s)

  • Capped at 1.5 hours per session
  • Toddlers - year 12 students
  • 1.5 hours per assessment session (more than one session may be needed in some cases)
  • Charged as part of the assessment package
  • **Full Sensory Integration function assessment charged separately

1.5 hour session assessing underlying causes for main participation challenges using standardised and/or specialists tests.

Subsequent to the intake sessions for Pre-Primary and older students.

Initial sessions for pre-schoolers and Kindy children.

Assessment is usually one session

**Two or more sessions may be needed to complete a full sensory integration function assessment. In-depth / further testing sessions are charged in addition to the assessment package.


STEP 3. Reporting of results

  • 2 hours - summary (standard)

  • Charged as part of the assessment package

  • **3 hours for comprehensive (per request for full sensory integration test - 1 hour additional to the assessment package

Reports summarising results and providing recommendations are capped and charged at as part of the assessment package.

**Comprehensive reports can be provided upon request and will be charged an additional fee at hourly rate of $185/hour.

**The full test of sensory integration functions (Evaluation of Ayres Sensory Integration - EASI) requires a comprehensive report charged at a minimum of 3 hours.

Other review reports or letters, etc. requested will be charged at the hourly rate.

STEP 4. Feedback and Developing Goals

  • Parent only session
  • 45-50 minutes parent contact; 10-15 minutes finalising goals 
  • Charged as part of the assessment package

As an important part of the assessment process, a 45-minute to 1 hour face-to-face / video conference session with parents are scheduled with the purpose to discuss assessment results and formulate goals and treatment plan for therapy. 


STEP 5. Intervention

  • Intervention Therapy
  • 45-50 minutes contact; 10 -15 minutes forward planning
  • $185

Subsequent, individualised therapy working towards family-led goals using therapeutic, specific and fun activities and specialised equipment.

Includes 15 minutes after 45 minutes contact to finalise and email home programs / ongoing sensory diet reviews / strategies / communication with school, forward planning, etc. as needed.

Additional therapeutic items may need to be purchased at times when indicated.

  • Group Therapy (4 members: 1 therapist)
  • Children already assessed by SPOTS
  • 60 minutes per session - paid in full for the group term
  • $93 per session - usually paid per block

Group therapy sessions are developed with specific outcomes in mind, e.g. handwriting clinics, and are scheduled when compatible group members are available. Usually paid per block of sessions, unless otherwise arranged.

  • Holiday Skill Booster Groups (4 members: 1 therapist)
  • Open to children (does not have to be existing clients)
  • 60 minutes per session 
  • $65 per session - paid in full for the amount of group sessions
  • Usually 4 consecutive daily sessions

Holiday Skill Booster Groups are developed to promote specific skill sets in a short time, e.g. Kindy Kickstart, Self-regulation basic concepts and strategies, Happy Hands fine motor fun, etc.  These are scheduled during holidays when a minimum amount of compatible group members are available and committed to proceed. The child does not have to be an existing client, i.e. open to any child in mainstream school. Please note in this setting, we cannot provide additional needs support. Paid in full at time of booking.

STEP 6. Monitoring progress and measuring outcomes

  • Re-Assessment
  • 1.5 hours $278

Scheduled re-assessment session with the purpose to re-evaluate identified challenges and formally measure outcome of therapy using standardised tests, interviews and clinical observations. 

PLEASE NOTE: A re-assessment requires an additional summary report charged at $370 (2 hours).

  • Additional consultations with parents
  • 30 minutes $93

Should the need arise for additional face to face consultation over and above 10-15 minute contact via email or phone, parents may schedule time with the therapist. Therapists are available during business hours most Mondays - Thursdays.

School visits and teacher consultations

  • Teacher consultations via phone / email
  • 15 minutes FREE
  • School visits / Virtual visit
  • 30 minutes $93

This may include training in therapeutic strategies and implementation of a sensory diet. Virtual option available to have a telehealth meeting.

  • Formal Case Conferences
  • 1.5 hours $278

Meeting with teachers and/or other allied health providers. Travel included for greater Bunbury region. Extra travel costs may apply.

  • School Professional developmental Training

Esmé is passionate about training and supporting teachers. Topics, fees and allocated time for training are open for negotiations. Hourly rate is a guideline. Enquiries are welcome! 

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